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Production of vegetable oils and feed additives

The company carries out the processing of oilseeds by extrusion-press method. The two main components of this process are the INSTA-PRO extruder and the INSTA-PRO horizontal oil press.

The purpose of the process is to obtain oil from oilseeds (soybean, rapeseed) and cake with a reduced fat content, for use in the feed industry.

With conventional oil production technology, the raw material is subjected to significant repeated heating. As a result, the cake loses color, sometimes as a result of overheating, the protein decomposes, which reduces its nutritional value. The dry extrusion technology eliminates this drawback, since the raw product is exposed to high temperatures for a very short time (5-6 seconds). At the same time, the temperature obtained in the INSTA-PRO extruder as a result of friction makes it possible to subject the seeds to heat treatment, sterilize, stabilize, dehydrate, and also change the structure of the product.

When extruding whole soybeans, rapeseed, their anti-nutritional properties are suppressed. This makes it possible to use the cake from these crops in animal diets without additional heat treatment. After extrusion, the trypsin inhibitor activity in soybean is inhibited by more than 90%, with
a concomitant decrease in the level of protein solubility from 88 to 12-13%, which is of great importance for ruminants. The content of the enzyme myrocinase, hydrolyzing glucosinolates in rapeseed, is suppressed by 92% and it is not active.

Extruded oil, in comparison with oil obtained by traditional technologies, contains more tocopherols, less phospholipids and peroxides. It is characterized by a low content of chlorophyll and free fatty acids.